Monday, June 13, 2011

Night Run

Working mids this week I decided to turn around my sleep by going for a long run at 11pm last night. It was cold for mid June , really cold with temps in the high single digits. I wore shorts , long sleeve Tech T and a Shell. I figured that the cold would come into play and it did. First it was my arms that were uncomfortable, they were wet from sweat. I had the Shell unzipped for the first hour but the cold was penetrating my core so it got zipped up. I almost turned around at the 9K mark but I decided to push on a do a loop around Durham. Being colder I figured that I would have picked up the pace allot. I though I was doing a around a 5:30pace but in reality it was a 6:30 pace. So I picked it up on the way back and finished the 22.9K run in 2hrs25min.

There are some runs that you would have been better off not doing , this was one of them!

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