Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its 1am, its 26C....what gives?

Did a repeat night run this morning. It was 7-8C warmer then last night but there was a breeze that made a huge difference. Headed down the second again not really sure how long I would go. Yesterday the legs didn't want to carry me , today it was different. There is no doubt that the heat would come into play so I treated it more like a trail run aiming for a 7min pace ... slow and steady! Made it to the end of the second , about 8K and decided to loop through Durham. It was near 02:00 am and the town was very sleepy. I was surprised because I figured there would be lost of restless folks with the warm night. I only had 1 bottle of Gator Aide with me and intended on refilling with water at the conservation area but I still had half a bottle left so I was OK. Heading back up the 2nd I felt great but decided to walk the "3 Hills" then pick it up again after. Often in races when the walks start I find it hard to get going again so the hill routine was great practice, bedsides it was an amazing night to be out. Half a moon illuminated the way very well , I could have got away without a head lamp. When I got home at 3:10 am I stripped down and jumped in the pool then I cracked open a beer and fired up the BBQ for a Steak and Mushroom snack before going to bed at 4:45 am.

Ran for 2hrs44mins covering 22.9K for an avg 7:12 pace.


Doonst! said...

That's just cool Ron.

Anne said...

Allan park Monday night.. Night run with my new headlamp- all are invited.