Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Night Run

Yesterday when I got up mid morning I took the Dog out as usual and instantly got attacked by Deer Flys way was I going to run! Instead I head out after working Eves at 01:00 am. Kept it simple going straight South on the 2nd. Heading out I wasn't sure how far I would go but I was thinking long. It was an amazing Summer night 19C with lots of humidity and no breeze what so ever. It didnt take long to heat up but it also didn't take long to realize that the legs didn't have much pop to them. I thought that I was recovered from TLC 56K 4 days ago but just because there isn't any pain and mentally you are ready to go long doesn't mean the body is going to cooperate! Anyhow 7K in , a K before town I turned around and headed back. I walked the three hills .... really didn't care because it was neat being out at night. I was watching aircraft overhead and the stars and a an almost too close encounter with a Skunk.

So I managed 14K at a staggering 7:22 pace. If I don't work lat tonight I may do the same tonight.

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