Monday, July 18, 2011

Trail ...Love+Hate

Thought about what I was going to do today ...trial or maybe road but trail won. It had rained and the temps were a little cooler. Headed out at 9:16 am , just in time for the Sun to make an appearance. There was no breeze and the forest was dripping wet . It was , steamy...really steamy but it was the right place to be . No on a not so fun note this was buy far the worst day for deer flys . Without exaggeration I was killing at least 1 deer fly every minute. Today they were biting and it hurt. I had a buff on so they couldn't borough in my hair but I was running shirt free which was a mistake.

In spite of the very unpleasant insects I managed an 11.3K run at an avg 6:54 pace.

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