Thursday, July 28, 2011

Steamy Trail

You know its going to be a warm one when you start to sweat tying your shoes up. It was only 23C but nearing 100% humidity with no breeze. Th heat as a little overwhelming for the first few K but once I settled into my trail shuffle it wasn't too bad. Deer flys were not so bad , only a few here and there ...maybe we have turned the corner on this pesky bug. Managed 11.2K at a blistering 7:32 pace.

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Janice said...

I have found the deer flies particularly bad this year. At the Run for the Toad training day, I used tons of bug spray, wore a hat AND my buff. They didn't bother me too much after all that, but I hate running in a hat.

What trails do you run? Do they have many hills?