Monday, July 11, 2011

Meaford Harbour Run - Saturday July 9, 2011

Did my second ever 5K Race on Saturday. Its been 2 years since I covered the distance and I remember it being a rather miserable experience, " it was the longest short run ever". The time to beat was 22:04 , I felt confident that that would happen aiming for the sub 20 but realistically thinking between 21:00 and 22:00.

Arrived at the Meaford an hour before the start. The race is staged from a pavilion at the harbour with views of Georgian Bay. I didn't do much leading up to race time. I was going to do strides but with temperatures in the low 20s with a humidex I decided staying cool would be better.

The race started on time at 09:00. Heading out fast was easy but I knew it wouldn't be long before it got tough. The race plan was to do as many 4:00 Ks as I could and try to push in the last K. First K was done in 3:54 banking 6 seconds. I was pretty much red lining after the first 4 minutes , breathing and heart rate were pegged. Going into the 2nd K we head through the downtown then east out of town on hwy 26. Around the 2K mark there was a hill, not a big hill but I was really hoping for a flat course ...after all its a "Harbour Run". The second K was done in 4:02 ...the hill was behind me but now I was beyond red lining and was gasping for air. I tried to hang in there completing the 3rd K in 4:12 never catching my breath. With 2K to go my lungs were screaming at me , I just couldn't get enough O2. It was dam frustrating because the legs wanted to carry me . I decided to back off a touch hoping to gather my resources and then push the last K to the finish. In addition to my breathing difficulties I also began to get hot , really hot. I figured that I would be finished before the core heated up but that wasn't the case. Finished the 4th K in 4:37 disappointed that it wouldn't be a sub 20 but confident that I could push the finish getting a PB. I was surprised that I only gave up a few positions when I faded. I could hear others coming up behind me and this really helped me push through the last K. Through the final 500 meters the finish was in site a woman passed me and sighed a " Ohhh", I was sharing her pain I knew what she meant! Managed to pick up the last K finishing in 3:57.

I was done and I was glad, almost puked but managed to keep it together and shook it off quickly. Paused briefly , recovered some O2 then headed to the car for a change of clothes. I didn't stick around for the results. The race was a quick stop on the way to Saratoga Springs NY. where my parents live. I was taking my 15 year old to the Y camp on Lake George. 9 hours of driving was between me and a pitcher of Sam Adams and a Pizza at the " Public House" so I wanted to get going.

Checking the the results I finished in 20:46, a PB by 1min19sec placing 27th out of 220 participants and 2nd out of 21 in my AG. Go figure , an AG placement I wasn't there for what I suspect would have been a medal!

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Anne said...

Speedy Fast Mr Irwin. I thought your heart could cope with speeds like that.
I'm jealous and disapointed you didn't get your momment in the 'sun'.