Friday, September 23, 2011

3rd consecutive lousy LSD

I kind of had a feeling today's LSD would be a little tough and I wasn't disappointed. Tried to go yesterday but I couldn't get the afternoon off work. Today the weather is rainy , cooler and dark. I was going to head out the door and hit the trail for 20 or so K then finish off on the treadmill. Heading out the door I had some GI issues that said stay home. So I grabbed a couple of fans , cranked the home theater , laid out Gels and 3 bottles of water. If I wasn't going to take it outside then I would at least practice gelling on my Marathon Schedule. The first half of the run was miserable , had to make a couple of emergency bathroom breaks...something didn't agree with me. Gelled at 7K , 11K and felt like shit at 13k, almost called it a day after starting again and again. Managed to get it back together and started to move along again, gelled at 15K then did 4 eload caps at 17K the another gel at 19K.... washed them down with plenty of water! Logged 20K in the first 2 hours , not great. I was feeling reasonable and with the calories I had been taking I managed to pick it up to a 5:00 pace . I was planning on going an hour at that pace and felt like I had lots of get up and go but 2hrs30min 26K logged I decided to call it a day and then walked a k to cool down logging a total of 27K in 2hrs40min.

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