Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Totals

Posting a couple of days before the end of the month. I am trying and I do mean trying to take two full days off running until I do 50K at the Toad on Saturday. So here is goes.....

September 2011 - 287.4K
YTD 2011 - 2,663.6K

Strangely enough 2 of my 3 LSD runs were on the treadmill and I ran 15 times on the treadmill and 9 times outdoors. This is so different then in previous years but I do see a huge value in the treadmill running and its all about pace. Guess I will find out over the next couple of weeks.

Last year I ran 80K Hali Sept 11 then 42.2 STWM Sept 26 and my my 2010 YTD#s were very similar to Sept 2011 but the monthly total was significantly lower.

September 2010 - 227.1K
YTD Sept 2010 - 2,565.1K

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