Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and now I rest

Hit the trail today , originally thinking 11.1K then I did some hill repeats , then I turned left instead of going straight. It was just one of those perfect running days ... almost too warm. Logged 19.5K in 2hrs13min averaging a 6:50 pace. Toad is on Saturday so I figured if I went a little longer today I would be more inclined to rest Thurs / Fir before the 50Ker on Saturday. I feel strong , ready to go long but there is the big ? not going Ultra long since the 90Ker in early August. I have been doing the weekly long runs 30K +/- a few but I have been doing way more speed work on the treadmill then other years getting ready for the STWM. Originally I was planning on cruising the Toad , not any more. Going to try for a 7:00 pace letting slide to 7:30 if needed. Nutrition will be an important ingredient at the Toad. I will have a much better idea where I stand after Saturdays race.

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