Monday, September 5, 2011


LSD, it was labour day and it was slow and distant but it wasn't fun. First cool running day in months, 10-12C with a strong N NW wind and misty rain here and there. Wore shorts , long sleeve tech T and tied off my Shell around my waist just in case! Heading South 5K on the 2nd the wind was at my back and there was no cooling and I was quickly over heating ...yup 12C and I was done! Heading West on the Edges Rd it was better with a strong breeze off my right shoulder , cooled down crossing Hwy 6 and heading to to the 2nd of Bentick. Once again heading South for nearly 6K wind at my back getting too hot. Gelled at 15K going up Hutton Hill. Headed East on the Trailer Park Rd heading towards the Beer Store in Durham. Going North on Hwy 6 it was a full blown head on into some really cool wind. Running North up Garfaxa or Hwy 6 its all a gradual uphill , hitting the conservation area it continues to climb until I hit the 2nd then there is a half K of flat before another gradual climb. Going up the 2nd was miserable , strong wind then a driving mist. I had Gelled in the park but it never felt like it kicked in and about 5K to go there was a pain in the stomach ... suspected I didn't do enough water with the Gel! Last 5K was running on empty , slow and low on Glycogen I was burning body mass and slowing down. Caught aw bit of a chill the last 5K , hat on hat off hat on. Finished and grabbed a beer and hit the hot tub very glad to be done. Managed 30.6K at an avg 6:00 pace was slog today but I got it done.

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