Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running on empty

Been delaying this weeks long run. It took a couple of days to turn around after working nights and there has been allot on the go so the long one got shelved. I am running out of days off and tomorrow was filling fast so I managed to do an unexpected long one today. The weather was really lousy. I returned from Owen Sound at noon and was thinking of taking it outside but the 6C and wind driven rain sucked so I decided to dust off the treadmill. I started thinking I would go for and hour or so then first thing tomorrow I would get the long one in. An hour into the run the more I thought about things tomorrow the less likely it would be to get the long one in so I decided to keep going. So I held my 5:30 pace through 2 hours then without nutrition or hydration I was starting to slow. Paused the treadmill for a minute and grabbed an Ice Cold Bottle of GU2O .... it was heaven. Geared it back to a 6:00 pace for the last hour and with my cool down I managed 30K in 3hrs. Got it done!!!!!!

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