Saturday, March 3, 2012

And the answer is ...

From time to time I realize that a few other share my passion
and occasionally browse this Blog. I really
enjoy reading other folks blogs such as JD / Chris and recently discovered Digger…
all good for a good laugh! Then there are the all encompassing life blogs like
Anne Elizabeth and Solo Runner. I am posting this entry to answer a few recent
comments, hopefully the intended audience reads on…

Chris … “ Now that’s insanity” . Why is it that when someone notices what I
am doing and thinks that it’s a little out there it just encourages me
more. Coming from an Ultra Runner Guy
like Chris “ Now that’s insanity” translates to “ Your on the right track
, dig in and work harder “!!!!

Digger … “There are no days off”. A day off running is a day when I didn’t
have time to run , life happens. So far
I have escaped the kind of injury that stops you from running. There isn’t a body part that hasn’t hurt
from time to time but it’s always been the sorts of thing that you just run
through. I really credit the trails and
back roads of Grey County, good
equipment , genetics as well as luck that
I am able to do this!

Janice “ What was your pace getting to and from your desk?” . Yup I am a pace fanatic … I do mix it up
but pace and distance are the staple of my varied running diet. And the answer to your question , it’s an 11:00 pace back to the desk.

to all those who wonder how I run hours on end on the treadmill a video

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