Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to Back Runs Saturday

First it was the SAP Run, an informal Saugeen Tri Club gathering. The race was hosted from Daryle's place not too far from Dunkeld. Being close to the famous Grenock Swamp I figured it would be pretty flat but it was more rolling in nature. We ran an 8K around the block loop. The weather was beautiful warm for March and the Sky was Blue. One thing that struck me about this run was the " Big Sky". It quite rare that I run in an area that is that open and thought it would be really cool to do the run on a clear night. I ran , stopped talked and took video along the way covering a total of 17K at an average 6:29 pace.

On the way home I headed back a little different way heading down the "12th". A few Ks from the SAP run I came across the "Brant Tract". Some members of the Tri Club Run here from time to time so I wanted to check it out. Had a look in the parking lot and went to pull out then thought what he heck , there is nothing pressing at home e and its a beautiful day so I turned around and entered the parking lot for a second time .... I am heading for the trail! I was a bit dry from the warm SAP run but had finished off a bottle of Gator Aide and a bottle of Sleemans Draft so I figured I was carbed up and ready to go. Although it was March 17 heading out the temperature was 24C. Fortunately the Brant Tract is a compo of Spruce Pine and Cedar so I had a break from the warm Sun. A few hundred meters in it was quite mucky and I went down . The fall kind of reminded me of some recent Ski wipe outs. Seems to occur in slow motion and there is absolutely no way of recovering from the fall. I cleaned up in a puddle and continued on. The goal was to do a 5K out and back and hopefully make it to the Saugeen. The trails were a series of trails , some looping. Every time you came to a junction there was a map so getting around was never a problem. Without the maps it would be real easy to get turned around. After a couple of K of wide single track the trail became narrow and allot more rooty but still very soft. It also started to get a little hilly , just enough to make you realize its no longer flat. Made my way to the Saugeen , 5.1K paused for a couple of minutes then headed back logging a total of 10K at an avg 8:57 pace. I really look forward to going back to the Brant Tract and running all the trails.


Janice said...

I was just checking the Brant Tract website this morning to see the condition of the trails. Sounds like they're ready for running! I'm getting very bored of the treadmill and the roads. Need some variety. After ATB this Sunday, I'm going to the trails:)

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