Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warm Humid Trail Run

March 15 and I am on the trails in West Grey. I usually don't see these sorts of conditions until mid May. Did my 11.1K loop, it was pretty dry but there was a 1K section where they had been pulling logs out, very mucky. The one trail I take had all kinds of trees dropped across it and there was small patches of snow here and there but overall it was pretty good running. The forest was pretty quiet. Near the end of the loop a Blue Jay Flew by squawking rather loud then three Deer took off a half a K in front. It seemed like the Deer were alerted by the Blue Jays call ... very neat. First loop was really humid , overcast and no wind. I was wearing a compression shirt with shorts and was quite comfortable. Heading out for the 2nd loop the Sun came out and it got quite steamy so off came the shirt. I was still too hot but 30 minutes after the Sun broke through the wind really started to pick up and it seemed to clear out the humidity. Modified my route heading back and decided to finish off the last 7K on the tractor trail/back road combo. Getting close to home I was starting to feel like i could really use some calories. Ended up logging 24.4K in 3hrs8mins.

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