Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not quite...

Was planning a repeat of Thursdays "Progressive Run" intending on going a little longer with the 4:30 phase but it didn't quite work out the way I planned. Started really good, first 10K at a 5:30 pace was comfortable and I was thinking big after 20K. At 10K I picked it up to a 5:00 pace then but never really felt comfortable. The 02, Heart and Breathing as well as temperature were all manageable but the legs felt heavy, GI was complaining...a little more groin pain. I tried to run through it but it just wasn't working. Around 15K I decided to cut the idea of increasing to a 4:30 pace at the 20K mark and my new goal was to push to 20K maintaining a 5:00 pace. I started to fell a little better around 17K but that was short lived. Managed to hold the 5:00 pace through 20K then did a 1.5K cool down , 500m @5:30 , 500m @6:00 and then 500m @12:00 pace.

All and all an OK run , any day I can do 10+Ks is a good one. Not sure about tomorrow, maybe a reset day and hit Blue Sunday Eve. But then again maybe not!

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