Monday, December 29, 2014


Felt more like a Cyborg suiting up for this eves "lunch run".

Fired up the iPhone first .  Next up it was the Blue Tooth Dr. Dre  ear buds.  Once the ear buss were booted up I had to pair them with the iPhone...took a minute as I had to turn the phones Bluetooth back on.   Next I fired up the Garmin 620...after it booted I had to go in and tell the watch we wouldn't  be using the GPS today.   next up I fired up the Heart Rate Monitor strapping it on.  Had to pair the phone with the HRM again ... weird had the watches Bluetooth enabled?    Once paired with GPS watch connected via  the WiFi and determined that the HRM required a software upgrade.   Good I thought because after the last HRM upgrade I lost my foot contact time and vertical oscillation data...all very useful stuff.    The HRM update only took a couple of minutes and I was good to go.

After taking the 620 outdoors Saturday it was more accurate on the treadmill.   Without GPS the 620 uses an accelerometer in the HRM to calculate distance.  Last time on the Treadmill 7K was 5k on the watch.  This time 5K on the treadmill registered as 4.2K ... getting closer.   At some point the watch will have enough data to make a better estimate of distance covered in the absence of GPS.

Oh yeah ,  almost forgot.   Logged a little 5ker on my lunch break this eve.    I am in full taper mode for R4K Saturday so 2 more little lunch runs then its a wrap for 2014!

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