Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Two sort of rest days then a lunch run.

 Its funny how being an Ultra Runner leaks into other parts of my life.   Generally I don't bring up the topic of Running with the exception of my Running Friends!     I booked off Sick Monday/Tuesday to prepare for and then have my first ever  Colonoscopy .  I had to fast from the time I awoke Monday morning until the procedure mid day Tuesday.     Had my last meal,  a bowl of Granola Cereal and Milk Sunday Night at 10pm.     Monday I was limited to a list of "clear fluids",  Ginger ale,  Water,  Coffee ( THANK GOD), Chicken or Beef Broth, Popsicles ( no RED or Purple ...what does that tell you).  Liquid calories no problem I thought ,  do it all the time running!   I scrambled to check the Calories in everything .. .130 in a can of Ginger ale!  I thought about going for a little Run Monday mid day but decided not too because I knew it would bring on a hunger.      I was OK skipping Breakfast and even Lunch but Dinner was another story.  As an Ultra Runner I have an appetite and I eat allot all the time!   The evening was torture it was just like quitting Smoking all over again.   In addition to not eating preparing for a Colonoscopy includes a "purge".     I was on a schedule taking "Pico Salax" at 3pm,  10pm and again at 5am drinking tons of fluids along the way.   Purging is also the kind of thing that happens from time to time running long.   I know how to handle  it and remain hydrated and yes I know that all those calories I counted were mostly going to go though me... no big deal I thought go ahead drain my Glycogen I am pretty good at burning body mass especially when I am a couch potato er,  um is there such a thing as a Toilet Potato!   The whole purge thing was mildly annoying but quite manageable but the hunger was killing me!!!!   Slept in the basement so as not to disrupt the family making frequent trips for Ginger ale  and Purging!    Surprisingly enough when I woke up at 5am for my final dose of Pico I really wasn't hungry.  The final dose was only two glasses of water afterwards so by 6am things had settled down so I opted for a little more sleep then an hour in the Hot Tub.    Checked in at the hospital at 10:30 am Tues ,   got my first ever hospital bracelet and gown and some weird sort of slippers that were more like a hair net!   Got led into the OR ,  seated waiting of my turn ... waited until noon before I was led into the OR.   So I am flat on my back getting prepped for the procedure.  The Anesthetist is asking me allot of questions and its kind of hard not to mention "Running" when it comes to health.   next thing I know the Doctor pipes up "Your that Ultra Runner Guy".  While the room lights up with all kinds of questions and I start blabbing away about Running ...don't set me off cause its hard to turn off!   I was put out once before when I had my Wisdom Teeth removed and it was my understanding that they would be using the same stuff for this procedure.   The Anesthetic is like really getting hammered on Alcohol ... yak yak yak and no memory of anything.      Light out at the Dental office was a feeling of falling back and narrowing vision until it goes black kind like in the Cartoons.   Lights out in the OR was just that lights out no sensation just gone ,  not even a little going going gone just gone.     Next memory was waking up in recover with a Nurse saying she was going to clean me up a little...let me tell you its been an awful long time since someone wiped my Ass and I didn't care!    Next thing I know the Anesthetist was at my bed side asking about Hokas!   It didn't dawn on me at the time but I have no recollection of mention Hokas in the ER!    I think I have a pretty good idea what I was YAK, YAK YAKing about when they had me hammered!

Leaving the Hospital we headed to the Mall for some last minute Christmas stuff.  Carrie went off and I B Lined it for the food court.   It had been 38 hours since something solid but I had been warned not to overdue it so I ordered a "Teen Burger" meal instead of the "Poppa Burger" and as much as I desired Onion Rings I settled for Fries instead!  

 Logged a little 5k run at lunch today.  Worked up to a 5:24 pace for most of the Run.  Things felt pretty good but there was a bit of extra jiggling in my lower abdominal.   Weighed in after the Run and tipped the scales at 174.5 lbs ,  up about a half pound from my Hospital weigh in yesterday... probably the "Teen Burger" still sitting there!  

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