Sunday, December 14, 2014

The planned then changed then canceled then on again Run.

 Amazed I got out at all yesterday.  Had been planning another long Run at the Y yesterday since the last time. The pan was to meet up with up with Grant and Dan Sat  for breakfast at 08:30 followed by a 6 hour Run.   Tuesday I was asked to work Sat / Sun 8pm to 8am so I toyed with the idea of canceling but instead modified it to breakfast at 10:30 and then a 4 hour Run.   Friday Grant bailed and that Eve Dan advised that he couldn't make it so I decided not to Run.     Saturday morning 10ishI got a phone call that I was no longer needed at work so I thought about doing the Run again after doing some Christmas Shopping in Owen Sound.    Didn't hit the track until 3:15 but had plenty of time to get a long one in before the Y closed at 8:30.    So off I went .... first 2 hours 6:00 pace.   Had a couple of bottles of water ,  a couple of S Caps and a Cliff Bar.   Walked for 1.5K at the 20K mark.   Didn't plan on it but just decided to do it.    Got moving well after my walk back to a 6:00 pace and feeling good.    At 29K I walked again for another K and decided I had other things that I wanted to do so after just shy of 3.5 hours and logging 30K I called it a day.

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