Sunday, December 28, 2014

Longish Run Yesterday

 With R4K looming there was no LSD this weekend.    Took out the new 620 outdoors for the first time logging 18K  in just a little under 2 hours.   Applied a HRM update just before I headed out and was missing the  vertical oscillation and time the foot was on the ground data.  May have had something to do with running locked to GPS but I am leaning more towards the software upgrade.    Still figuring out all this very featured watch.   It was really cool when I walked in the house and  without intervention the data was uploaded via my WiFi to Garmin.   One interesting bit of data was my average stride length  for this run ,  0.99 meters. I suspect my next treadmill run will be a wee bit more accurate.       Planning on an hour on the trails later today then perhaps an evening at Blue.

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