Friday, December 26, 2014

Data beyond my imagination

Logged a little longer lunch run today running 12km at a mostly 5:24 pace.    Had even more fun with the new Garmin 620 ...

When it comes to the dots green is good,  yellow not so much and red not good at all!   So what does all this mean.   Well 160 cadence is slow and I have been loosely working on getting it a little higher ...goal 170 .  I knew I was a bit of a bobber and the vertical oscillation proves that.   Feet are on the ground a wee bit much.   I am ever so slowly increasing my speed working towards a 5 min pace.  The faster I run the more likely things will start to hurt but so far the Hokas are doing their magic and I am 90% free of the usual tweaks!   I have a suspicion that the vert osc and ground time will naturally decrease as I increase my speed.  

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