Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking ahead

  STWM is on my race calendar this year.  For some stupid reason I think I want a shot at a "faster" 42.2..why oh why am I having this need for speed.   This Sept will mark the 5 years since I ran a decent 42.2 3hrs29min9sec ...nailed the race plan ,  BQ but felt like I had more in the tank that day.

 2014 was the year of going long and running slow and well I am OK with that ..planning on a repeat for 2015 but I had this stupid little dream about a 3hrs23min and well it felt pretty good...hmmm???

 Mother nature is working against me.   5 Years ago I was 49 ,  next STWM I am 54.   I am not really sure I can go better something I did oh so long ago when I was "young".  

 I have blogged everything since 2007 so I looked back at 2010.   It was the year I bought a treadmill for home.   It was my first belt buckle , 120km in the DG 24 hour,  it was my first 50 miler .... blew it cause I blew out my knee and well just about everything I did on the treadmill was at a 4:50 pace and I was doing lots of stuff sub 4:30 ...YIKES.  

 Currently speed is at a much slower 5:24 pace and when I take it outside nothing is under a 6:00 pace,  nothing!  

 Part of the reason I slowed it down is because Speed Hurts.  The faster I run the more all those nagging little thing creep up.  Well I have  new weapon in the pain game and its called a Hoka!   Yup I am running with 90% less aches and pins in those moon boots.... I am a believer!     I also had this dam dream,,,, you know 3hrs23min ,  it felt good.  

 So after R4K I am slowly going to work up to a 5:00 pace over the next couple of months....maybe!

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