Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Watching My Heart

 42.3K logged at the Owen Sound Y yesterday.  More or less ran 40.2km in 4hrs 25 min then did 2km walk to cool down.  

 More or less to amuse myself I wore my heart rate monitor.  As it turned out it wasn't so much amusing as it was a learning experience just never know!  

 My goal was to run 40K at a 6:00 pace.   First off the positive spikes are bad data .  The first hour I was in the high 120's.  I took a break and ate a Cliff Bar a little over and hour in.  As you can see my heart rate quickly plunged to 100 bpm.    The second hour I observed the HR in the low 130s .  There was a couple of brief stops for water and then a little over 2 hours it was part of my 2nd Cliff bar.   Didnt stop as long but the HR didnt plunge quite the same way it did at rest after 10K.  2-3 hours saw a steady increase to the high 130s and some times breaking 140 bpm.    After 3 hours I had done 3 S Caps ,  3 Bottles of Water and 2 Cliff Bars and had logged about 28km.   I was feeling good and moving well in the 4th hour but the HR was always in the low 140s and it was beginning to fatigue me.   Briefly stopped around 3:30 to crack a can of Coke and  talked to Dan for a bit.  Just before 4 the 4 hour mark I finished off the Coke logging around 37km.    The last 25 minutes I watched the HRM and kept the HR in the high 130's.   Through 40K I was feeling less fatigued ready to continue on but my goal was to do a 42.2km run so I pulled the plug art 40.3km and walked a 2K cool down.   HR recovered to the 110 bpm range about 10 bpm higher then a walk after a 1-2 hour Run.  

No doubt I was a little light on calories "hitting the wall" at around 35km.   It actually wasnt a walll more or less a speed bump.   It was either slow down a bit or consume more calories.   Only going as far as a 42.2 I decided to slow down watching the HR.   If I was going  longer it would have been more calories!

Always learning after all these years!  

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