Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snow Shoe Run #2

Had another snow shoe run this afternoon.   Took forever to suit up ... had a problem with a gator ,  figured that out then I had a pressure point on the top of my left foot.   The binding was over top of the Gators shoe lace hook... move it down one lace and I was find.   I wore the same a Saturday but it was a little warmer ,  not snowing and no wind so I got too hot.   Removed the Shell after 4 laps ... down to short sleeve tech over long sleeve tech ... still a  little warm but not too too bad.   Saturday I did 5 laps so I decided to go 2 more today building the distance in the new snow shoes slowly.   Calves hurt after Saturdays outing ... just muscle pain ,  not big deal stuff just used them in a different way!    So I logged 7 laps and a bit of a tour of the neighborhood logging 7.5Ks today.  Sadly the Snow is not going to stick around but the season is young and we usually have snow through April!

The numbers are really funny compared to "normal running" cadence is low ,  ground contact time high ,  vert osc all over the map and the HR is much higher .... a very very good workout indeed.

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