Thursday, November 5, 2015


Yet another most amazing November Run yesterday.  Sun ,  temps well into the mid 20's made for a most spectacular outing.   I can honestly say that I was a little on the hot side with shorts and a tech T and wished that I had headed out earlier in the day.   The Garmin reported 20C but it was more in the mid 20's.   I took the necessary precautions again wearing hunter orange and not venturing off my property.  I addition to the attire I also wore my Blue Tooth Speaker streaming  the best darn classic rock station on the Internet .  Logged another 10Ker and followed it up with some brews.    The Hammock Man Cave has been shut down for the season so I have Man Cave #2 set up at the top of "Mount Ron".   The big ass hill is courtesy of the last Ice Age.   The Peak is 500' from the house and rises around 140'.    This video is Patrick Rose carving up my Hill.    The hill faces South West so this time of year as the Sun gets low in the Sky things really heat up.   With the leaves down and the forest floor covers ankle deep with the dark browns it acts like a micro climate.   Sitting at the top of the hill is like sitting on a Caribbean Beach because ....

  • Warm Breeze caused by the heating of the leaves.  
  • Full exposure to the Sun 
  • The Horizon appears like a flat straight line.   
Add a some great rock and roll,  a comfy chair it like being on a vacation.  

The Green dot is the House ,  the Red dot is Man Cave #2.   

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