Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zone 3 Baby

The new treadmill seems ridiculously fast when running at a 5:00 pace.   It probably me not doing any speed work in a few weeks but I am going to check the calibration!  Working 12 hour days today I had a late lunch logging 11Ks.   Slowly ramped up from a 6:00 to 5:00 pace and then held it there for most of the run logging 5 200 meter 4:45 fartleks stating at the 4K mark through 8K .  Skipped the 9K fartlek and began a cool down at 9.3K slowing 1kmh every 300 meters until I got to a walk at teh 10.5K mark where I walked it in for the 11K.    HR pushed into Zone 3 around 140+ only a few Ks in.  The last half of the run I bobbed between 145 and 150 bpm.  

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