Monday, November 16, 2015

Trail Sunday

 Ended up with a "Rest Day" Saturday ending a 20+ day running streak.   It was just one of those days when there just wasn't time to Run and I am OK with that it just happens.   The so called " Rest Day " was anything but rest so I am glad to be back at work today for a real " Rest " which will of course include a "Lunch Run".

 Hit the neighborhood trail Sunday morning.   It was a beautiful day ,  Sun ,  no Wind and Temps just above freezing a climbing quickly.  The theme of the day was to log 10-15K ,  some where around 90 minutes and not travel the same trail twice.   I usually don't get out that early in the day and I must admit that I really enjoyed the getting out early.   Pulled the plug at 11.4K satisfied that that I fit in the run and really really enjoyed it.  

Lots of data wearing the HRM

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