Friday, November 27, 2015

Y Friday

 Did my first indoor track run of the season logging 28K in just a little under 3 hours today at the Owen Sound Y.    I forgot just how much I enjoy doing this sort of run it really give one an opportunity to truly transcend.     Started out a little tired and stressed but that all melted away in the first hour.   I really relaxed into the run and would have loved to tack on another hour or two but I had to work at 4pm.    I wore my HRM and was doing a mostly 6:00 pace.  HR early on was in the high 120s progressing into the mid 130s.    I didn't fuel and noticed the HR breaking into the low 140s in the last few Ks ... a sign that I was depleting Glycogen and starting to burn more body mass.   Next planned Y Run is Dec 15 ...   looking for a 3-4 hour outing covering 35-40 Ks.  

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