Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taking It All In

 It was simply too nice not to run trails today.   I was a little hesitant to head out because its officially "gun week" and the woods are full of folks chasing Bambi.  So  as they say when in Rome do like the Romans so I headed out wearing my best hunting Orange.  

 Logged 10.2K looping away with a few detours.  Ended the day at the top of my hill to have a few Brews ,  take in the Sun  and listen to Music.  It was sooo nice ...there was a warm breeze blowing up the hill and I wasn't the least bit chilled.

I tunred the Garmin on while I was sitting there and logged .82 K in 1 hour 6 min but I barely moved off the chair LOL!

Took few pictures while I enjoyed my recovery...

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Robin said...

Doing the Thames Valley Trail this weekend with Rhonda-Marie and some girls, a little concerned about the hunters!! Don't have orange but maybe bright pink! Nice run on the trails Ron.