Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 Totals

March - 332.5 km
YTD   - 872.2 km

 March saw a 10% increase in volume over February and April will be a 10%  increase in volume over March... at least that the plan.  I am pretty much where I need to be with the 100 mile looming at the end of May.     There were no races in March and only two long runs a 43 km and 46 km run at the Y.
Ran a total of 36 times in March not missing a day.  The breakdown is as follows...

Snow Shoe - 3 Runs for a total of 12.2 km
Treadmill at Work - 22 Runs for a total of 141 km
Road - 1 Run for a total of 15.2 km
Trail - 8 Runs for a total of 75.1 km
Track - 2 Runs for a total of 89 km

Looking forward this month I have a 1/2 scheduled April 9th and my first Trail 50Ker April 30th .   They should fit pretty well with the Ks I need to log to get to the 100 miler.  

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