Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wired Wednesday

A good dumping of snow made for a rather messed up day.     Couldn't get into to work at midnight our road was impassible.   Slept some overnight and got up with the Sun to do Snow.  Finished in good time then loaded up the car and headed to Blue for a few hour of Alpine Skiing.   Got home after noon and had a bite before heading out for a Snowshoe Run.    I dont think I have ever put out as much effort as I did today taking nearly 25 minutes to cover the first K ... YIKES.   I walked the first K then tried to run albeit rather slowly on the second lap but that was it.   Now I do have a really good trail broke in the knee deep snow so lap 3 would have been a little easier but I was exhausted and called it a day heading home logging 2.3Ks in 49 minutes!!!!!   I had no problem cathing a few hours of sleep late in the afternoon!

Check out the avg cadence .... 57 spm lol

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