Friday, April 11, 2008

10K on the dreadmill

Busy day , worked the Eve putting in a 12hour 4-4 so I snuck in a 10K mid shift. Started real easy an worked up to a 4:30 or better pace by the 4K mark. Finished with an average pace of 4:40.
Dropped into the running room in Owen Sound today, as is usual Scott was very helpful. Picked up some Kaboom and Goo for my LSD days and also a $15.00 pair of padded socks. Have been suffering some blisters on the inner front part of the arch.
Working another 12 tomorrow so I will try to get another run in mid shift. LSD on the weekend looks a little iffy , wet and cool. I am off Monday so I am hoping things improve so I can get out then.
Looking forward to the Trillium 10K in 3 weeks!


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