Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Its all about Heat

LSD on Tuesday at 24C with a very strong sun! I cant win, I go from freezing to overheating in just a few weeks, and here I thought I was looking forward to the warmer weather!

Sunday was a small 5K at 2am at a 5:30 pace. I just wasn't in to it!

LSD was at a 5:50 Pace , did about 1K shorter then last week. I was too hot and figured I would really benefit from walking the last K. With the exception of the heat the the long run seems to be getting a bit easier. Its fun to run from home and do a lap of Durham. Its 8K to the edge of town, 3K gravel and 5K Tar Chip. Its a straight shot with lots of changes in elevation, a wee bit boring the sort of typical country thing Cows and Pasture Land , shouldn't complain though because every other place I run is in the Bush. When I get t town I run through the conservation area parallel to the Saugeen River. I am in the parks for about 3K, there are lots of trails that go though cedar forests , its really very nice. In town I do a loop around the "Downtown" , past the Retirement Home , past the school , past Tim Horton's back through a residemtial side street running over the Saugeen another 3 times then back to the park. Exiting the park I am at the 16K mark and an 8K straight shot North to home.

Its been awhile since heat was a factor, how soon we forget. My thoughts turned to the Summer events planned and just how am I going to do it! We do get use to it.

Dress for the run was for the first time this year my Nike Running Shorts with a Nike Base Layer for a shirt and a hat ! One big problem for a Sunny day ...... I was dressed in Black!!!!!

Used Water this time , a full container... even dumped some on my head. Nutrition was some Karboom and a yogurt square at 13K.


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