Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun on the treadmill

Did something a little different this morning , did an interesting 16K on the treadmill. 0-10K was a real easy 5:30 pace, 10-15K I cranked it up to my 10K race pace 4:30, 15-15.5K cool down at a 6:00 pace then 15.5-16K at a 11 min pace. I wasn't that laboured at the end , breathing was heavy but not maxed out , legs felt good , overall I felt like I could hold this pace for another 5K or even pick it up a little.

Real pumped about Trillium 10K in Mount Forest May 10 . This will be my 4th consecutive year here , 2005 47:33, 2006 46:15 and 2007 was 44:51 .... 2008 ??:??

One more night shift to go , 8-8 Sunday . Will probably sneak in an easy 10K at lunch , rest Monday with my LSD on Tuesday.


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