Wednesday, April 30, 2008

25K LSD today

Did the Durham "Tims" run again today. The LSD seems to be getting a bit easier , 5th consecutive week doing it. Next week I am going to back off a bit due to the 10K May 10, think I will do a 16K LSD with a quicker pace, would like to do 3 consecutive short days early in the week then lay off Thurs and Friday with the Race on Sat!
Today was a bit chilly, 3C with a strong W NW Wind. Was a bit chilled now and again but I liked it better then last weeks LSD , blazing sun and 24C ... I wasn't ready for that kind of heat. I was surprised that the results were almost identical to last weeks , I thought I had picked it up a bit but the data doesn't lie. I am happy with the results.
Going to do more Fire Wood tomorrow, no run after the LSD today and on Friday I am going t do my 15K trail loop!

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