Monday, April 14, 2008


25+K today at a 5:50 pace! Weather was good with the exception of the Wind, temp was +7C , Sunny with a strong gusty cool North Wind! I was trying to judge the wind direction but it was hard to tell , always like to run into the wind first. The last 8K were head on into it , I was getting a cold chest.

Overall it was a good day , am starting Mids tonight so I was in bed til noon. Had a bowl of cereal and coffee and was out of the house by 1pm. The first 100m I had massive lower back pain , I get this in the morning ! The pain didnt take long to go away and I was loose after a few hundred meters. Tried something a little different today , new socks. They were the padded type and well worth the $15.00 cost. I still l put band aids forward on the inner arch. The socks helped allot , less blisters and the feet didn't feel as sore when I was done . I did however notice that the my feet were allot warmer ... don't know how this will go over in the Summer.

When I got to Durham instead of heading down Hwy 4 I cut through the conservation area , this is by far my preferred way to go . I haven't been using the park due to snow on the trails and even today I had to step around a bit . There is still a fair bit of snow in the forest! At the park I was going to run over the first dam but the walkway was closed , there was so much water recently that it washed out the the area north of the dam , I cut down a trail that was quiet eroded by the water and managed to snag my shirt on a cedar and put a nasty tear in it . I was a littled bummed as this was my "Damm Tuff Bluff" shirt from last summer .... oh well a true trail runner will face these sort of perils now and again , call it a war wound perhaps ! Did a lap around Durham then back out through the park. At 15K I did a Karb Boom Chocolate Gel , actually yummy! It took a few K to kick in but I did get a boost but not as much as I expected . I may have had something to do with the strong North Wind I was facing. I was tired but felt pretty good, the chest was cold when I finished and I quickly jumped into the hot tun for a 30 min soak, its a great way to cool down ( keep my tub at 97 ) . Weather looks good this week , I am doing mids so it will probably be some indoor stuff at 3am, if I get a decent sleep I may do an evening run or two .


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