Sunday, April 6, 2008

LSD Yesterday

Did my "Long Slow Distance" run yesterday , 24+k at a 5:46 pace.

Weather was great , Sunny , 10C with a 10Kmh Breeze from the South. Dressed real comfortable , had a base tech shirt with my Dam Tuff Ruff Bluff T over top , running pants ... the Adidas Climaproof , Running Cap and my Wool Gloves! Wasn't sure about the gloves but they were right on ! I must of looked like quiet the geek with the short sleeve T with Gloves !

First 8 K were in to the Wind , a bit uncomfortable but I was running straight in to the Sun so it offset the breeze. 8-12 K were along highway 4 heading east into Durham , I really don't like running when there is a bunch of cars going by , big gulps of exhaust fumes are not nice . The loop through town was pretty cool. 12-14K were on sidewalks and side streets ( Noy a whole lot of traffic ). At about 13K I slowed from a 4:50 to a 6:20 pace and I really fely like I had run out of Steam . AT 15K I paused for a few moments , had a couple of the carb loaded Carmel Squares and a 100 ml of Power Aid . After a few minutes I hit the road and what a difference , like a new runner . The next 9-10 K were not bad at all , kept it around 5:50 pace didnt feel too fatigued righ to the end.

I noticed that after 15K when I hit a hill I usually went faster up then I did down! It almost felt like a force was pulling me up the hill! I know that I had the wind at my back but I didnt have that sensation running flat or down hill ... Bizare!

After the run I was beat , cooled down in a Lawn Chair in the Sun with a can of Blue ! I could have easily fell asleep sitting up! The rest of teh evening I had an overwhelming tired an I felt almost fevered! After a good night sleep I was good as new , ready to run again!

Tomorrow I will do an easy 10K on the road beofore I go to work at 4:00.