Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sundays LSD Run

It was another crappy weather day , 9C , overcast and threatening rain. I had to get my LSD in but I just wasn't up to the weather scene. Jays were playing at 1 pm so what the heck.... I would take it indoors. Drove 20 minutes to work and hit the treadmill at the bottom of the first. Wasn't sure what pace I would do , originally thought of a 5:00 pace but I just wasn't up to it. It took a few Ks to ramp up to a 5:15 pace , the lower back was really sore! I always find the first hour of the long run kind of tough. Ran for 3 hours bouncing between a 5:00 and a 6:00 pace . Gelled at 45 and 90 minutes then at 135 minutes I did a meal replacement drink. Also consumed 1 bottle of Gator Aide and 2 bottles of water. At 2hrs55min I passed 32K and then walked for another 5 minutes before I stopped. At 90 minutes I checked my heart rate and it was 122 bpm , expected it to be a little higher. The Jays one , Haliday pitched another complete game and I was still running ..... watched some of the Nascar race from Pocono and chatted with another fellow that came in the gym. All and all a good LSD, 22C in the gym and I kept my short on ... have to get use to warmer runs. The cool weather is not going to last forever.

Two races in the next 2 weekends , in 6 day I am doing a 21K trail race. I am going to try to run this one at a 5:00 pace . Its not too technical , it looks to be relatively flat so I am going to run K hard! In two weeks I am going to do the Niagara 50K , originally I thought of holding a 5:00 pace as long as possible but I want to enjoy the race and pace it at a comfortable speed so the goal is a 5:30 pace. Anywhere under 5 hours would be fantastic but really think I can get it closer to the 4:30 mark!

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Vava said...

A fellow Jays fan - nice! Good game to have watched as well. Halladay pitches too fast for a complete long run of that distance, though it's nice if you're just watching the game.