Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two runs today

At lunch I did a 5K at a 4:00 pace. Its been more then a month since I did a "fast 5k" so I wasn't sure how I would manage. As it turns out the run was better then I expected it to be , breezed through the first few Ks. The 4th wasn't to bad but I was starting to feel it by the 5th K ... finished in 19min 56 seconds. Did a 1K cool down , 400m 5:30 pace 300m 5:00 pace then walked the final 300m.

This evening before dinner I headed out for an 11.2K trail run. I wanted to see how things would turn out running on legs that were pushed hard only a few hours earlier! It started of a little tentative , small burn in the hamstrings . I quickly loosened up and got into a really nice trail rhythm. Did the run at a 6:09 pace.

Now the real story of the day is my END Shoes , first I used them on the treadmill for the third time! They passed with flying colours. Then I took them outside. They are a fast light shoe with a sweet landing. The uppers are a little iffy but the turned out to be OK... they held in there! I did feel a little more beneath my feet then I am use to but I don't like my trail ride to be too smooth ... I like a little feed back. I am ready to go the distance in these shoes ... its race time baby!

Speaking of racing, found a nice little "local" race a week Saturday , 21K around a man made lake outside of Woodstock! Its "The Dam Trail Run", 21.1 K around Pittock Lake...should be fun.

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