Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warm LSD

27K LSD done at a 5:38 avg pace today. It was pleasantly warm , 26Cm Sun and a nice dry breeze. From time to time heat became an issue. First 8K was right into a mid day Sun, breeze at my back. It goes without saying that it was a very hit start. 9-12K were in the Durham Conservation area , almost total shade ... I recovered in the park and was able to pick it up a bit heading through town. Lots going on with Canada looming, running through the Ball Park there was a Beer Garden set up . Man was I tempted . When I made it back in the park around 16K it was another opportunity to cool down, Stopped , refilled my water bottle , dumped water over my head and even tuck away a small flask to cool myself with . Going back up the second I had the sun to my left , wind in my face so it was reasonable.... the cooling in the park helped. As I passed the 25K mark I thought to my self if this was Creemore I would just be finishing the first of two loops.... lesson learned , if Creemore is warm be very conservative . Especially on the first loop! Off to Varney with the kids tonight for an evening of stock car races!

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