Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7 ...still on the trail

Sun, 8C , no wind and no frozen ground just had to be a trail run today. Headed out late in the day 30 minutes before Sunset. Figured I had just enough daylight left to squeeze in an 11.2K run. It was a fast first K , 5:18 pace but I was trying to warm up fast! I wore shorts and a long sleeve tech T with gloves. I still got a good sweat on but I could always feel the cold outside of the thin shirt, Left Knee and Right Ankle were much better , only a whisper heard! I was really really able to run the downhills today , it was nice to be back. I ran music free in the silent forest which was a nice change. Scared up two deer and a few partridges. Other then the crunching leaves it was a very quiet peaceful run.

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