Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running Free

Its not often that you can run in November shirt free but it was another incredibly beautiful day! Yes I was running free on the trail and enjoying every moment. After yesterday speedy run I decided and easy to moderate trail run was in order. About 5K in I encounter a 100m climb over 1km , nice and gentle but for ever going up. This is the perfect place to do Hill repeats as the somewhat perfect trail also loop back along the top of the ridge and then drops back down to the beginning of the ascent. The loop is just shy of 2K ... did 3 repeats running up a total of 4 times. The way that the Sunshine filtered through the trees it never seemed like I was running the same trail over and over again. I could have run around that circle for hours and probably would have if I had brought water and I didn't have to go home and make dinner and be at work for 4 pm! Towards the end of the run I encounters 2 folks on Horse Back taking advantage of the perfect November weather . They were moving and due to the sun didn't see me until they nearly ran me over ....I moved off the trail of course. The left knee was almost 100% quiet and the right ankle complained a little but all and all things seem to be slowly getting back to "normal". Its been hard not going the distance the last few weeks but its been a very good for the things that hurt!

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Anne said...

Were you at allan park?