Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

7K Run today at lunch, 6K at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1K cool down. Jumped on the treadmill and cranked it up to 13.3 kmh , it didn't feel all that fast. After a little over a K in I felt very comfortable. The mind wandered and the next thing I knew I was 3K into the run. At 4K I felt a little hot and then at 4.5K I realized the fan was no longer blowing on me and I was getting really hot. With 1.5K at 4:30 pace to go getting off to adjust the fan wasn't an option so I toughed it out. So I was hot , real hot the kind of red face hot. 30 minutes later after having a shower I am still wiping sweat off my forehead!

I like a theme...going forward every Tuesday is now "TEMPO TUESDAY". 6K @ 4:30 is a good start. I may go a little faster and or further as the Tuesdays go by....I like running fast!

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