Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Speed work ...

I have never followed any sort of training regime. When I need some speed I work on going fast and when I need to go long I work on going long. With two short races next month and a need to recover I have started working on the speed thing. Working mids this week I came in at 10:30 pm and jumped on the treadmill for an 11K jaunt! It was a mixed bag thing, 1k to get up to a 5:00 pace then after 5K I did a 4:30K then back to 6:00 pace for a K then I dropped the treadmill to a -2 deg inclination and did a K at a 4:00 pace followed by a half K flat at a 6:00 pace then cranked it up to a +5 deg inclination and then continued for another K at a 6:00 pace.

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