Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long but not long!

2hrs39min on the trail , Hoggs Falls to Eugenia and return. Total distance was only 15.2K but I was stopping to have fun along the way. Took all kinds of videos and a few pictures , chatted a bit here and there and just enjoyed being on the trail in early November. The weather was fantastic , Sun , light breeze here and there and temps around 7C. The trail is amazing , mostly all runnable. I want to do a Hoggs-Eugeina return without stopping and as fast as I dare! Best effort would be around 90 minutes .....I think!

Going to do a video of my run today .....may have to wait until I have some more time , a good project for when the snow flys.

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Anne said...

Wait, are you not doing road to hope tomorrow?