Saturday, November 19, 2011

New threads...

6C, overcast and windy more or less a perfect day to try out my new Mizauno Breath Thermo cold weather running top. I hate the chills and cold sweats that are so common riunning in the winter that I spend way too much time indoors. First impression was really good. Stepping outside into the chilly breeze I felt very comfortable chill at all. Its suprising that a compression fit would be such a good wind block. I was also wearing shorts and thought that the top on its own may be a little too much for today but it was really quite comfortable. 30 minutes in the core was stable and hot and the shirt was doing an amazing job of keeping me comfortable. I had a pretty good sweat on and the shirt was wicking very well. Turning into the wind with a damp short after a long uphill ususlaly brings on a chill but not this shirt, just a slight cold sensation. When it gets below freezing I will add a Shell and I should be good down to around-20C. Next test is going more then a couple of hours in sub zero temps. The run today was amazing. Legs felt lite and everything else was cooperating. Did a very enjoyable 11.4K and a very speedy 6:00 avg trail pace. Tomorrow it will be the same trails just a bit longer , hope to get it to 20+Ks.

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