Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roads n Trails

Lots of different running surfaces in the past 2 days. Last night I did 4.8K on the trails behind Grey Highlands SS, final night of the Run Clinic. Today I started off with the idea of doing my 10K Road Loop and ended up doing 14K instead. Started off the first few Ks on the road going along at a 5:30 pace then decided to add a few extra Ks veering off on to a trail. Got turned around a bit on the trails , it was fun. Ended up about 4K North of Grey 12 on the Baseline. I was a little to hot but OK .... Tights , long sleeve Tech T and an open Shell . Started with a hat due to rain but quickly took it off over heating. Had some light rain but really didn't need the hat and it felt good. Finished off the last few Ks on the Mc Cormick Rd kind of forgetting what I was dong. Vow to take it outside F , S , S going 3+ hours on the trail at least one of those days looks to be co operating.

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