Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back on the Trail

Did my first Run since Creemore yesterday.  Although there was very little muscle pain after Saturdays race I was a bit stiff and a little tiered and hungry.....a 50K hang over I would say.   After 74 hours of not running I hit the trail after work last night.   Felt like fish out of water at the start.  The kind of heavy breathing you get n the later stages of a long run when your Glycogen is depleted.     Quads quickly developed a wee bit of a burn and I generally felt tired.   Things seemed to settle down a bit and after 45 minutes or so I settled into a comfortable pace that kind of felt like where I left off on Saturday.   Not sure what I am going to do until Limberlost on Saturday but its probably best just to take it  easy and not do any running.   I am heading to Sauble for some Kayaking and fun in the Sun .... maybe a little run too,  maybe.

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Anne said...

Was thinking of you and limberlost and how much you love the heat hope you have fun boiling to death this weekend :)