Friday, July 6, 2012

Creemore 2009 vs 2010

 Been debating Saturdays  race plan and I am going to go out conservatively.  I looked at 2009 vs 2010 first 30K.    Mind you there was was a very big difference in the weather between the 2 years 09 being cool and 10 being hot but the comparison is still very interesting.   In 09 I went out easy walking the hills and running the flats and downhills. In 10 I went out running every thing ,  flats and downhill were slow then 09 but the uphills were way way faster.  Interestingly enough the 09 results were nearly an hour better then 10 by nearly an hour.

 So on Saturday its going to be hotish and we may get lucky and get a shower but regardless I am going to go easy on the climbs and pick it up on the downhills and flats.


Janice said...

Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get a bit of a shower during the day. Another hot one like today just wouldn't be fun. I'll be thinking of you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron, I heard teh race was cancelled, the trail melted!