Saturday, July 28, 2012

Evening LSD

 Its only been 14 days since Limberlost but it felt like forever since I did a "long" Run.    Spent most of the day running around with the intention of running late in the afternoon....well that became a 6:30 start.   Wanted to go around 3 hours or so so I packed a light in my Ultraspire pack as well as all the other necessities for running for awhile.    Logged a very solid 27.8K at an avg 5:55 pace.  Never felt like the wheels were going to fall off....very positive.   The weather made it really pleasant ,  temps plummeted as the Sun was going down and there was a lovely cool,  dry northerly breeze.     I ran my traditional Durham loop ,  down the 2nd through the Park past the School , Tims , Beer Store back across the last Dam then looping through the Ball Park past the Police station over the Heritage Bridge then back through the Park  and up the 2nd.   FUN!

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