Monday, July 16, 2012

Runs With Horse

 One good thing about a day like Saturday  is a speedy recovery.  With the exception of my BIG Toe nothing else hurts.   I don't think its broken but it sure hurts allot and is quite swollen but it will heal... no big deal!

 Yesterday I  did some cross training and a wee bit of running.   In the afternoon I headed out on the Mountain bike to scope out a new trail.   The neighbors across from where my wife keeps her Horse gave us permission to cut across their property to get to the trail head.   Well in order to be able to find the trail head you have to be able to find the trail head.  After about 10K of biking trails I found the connection ,  DOH!
In the evening I did a little 4K tail walk/run/walk thing with 2 Horses following me.  The Horses were quite content to follow my lead.  "Mist"  was right on my heals so much so that my leg kick made contact with the hoof!!!!   So it looks like I have some new running companions...just one problem ,  they like to fly up hill.

 Today at lunch I jumped on the treadmill and did a 5K at a mostly 5:00 pace.  It was really weird but for a change I actually enjoyed being on the treadmill.  

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